Great Pizza in Rome

You’re in Rome and you want pizza? An easy enough goal to accomplish. You’re in Rome and you want a GREAT pizza? Listen here:

We had a similar feat. We googled, we asked the locals, we trip-advisor-ed, and we ate a total of 10 pizzas in 72 hours. What we can tell you is every pizza we ate was top notch, yielding total satisfaction. We don’t think you can mess this up. But, if you want some great pizza, here are our top three choices.

3. Gino 51 in Trastevere

The Trastevere neighbourhood is across the Tiber river from the main attractions in the city. Its cute alleyways wind through the piazzas with restaurants and shops lining the way. Gino 51 is amongst the bustle, and it offers more than just pizza. While the pasta and cuzzos were spot on, the pizza, Napolian-style, was crispy on the bottom, moist in the middle, and saucey on the top. Well priced, open for lunch and dinner.

2. Li Rioni in Monti

Despite Li Rioni being close to the Collosseo and tourist central, its prices and quality were unaffected. The queue for a 930pm dinner was about ½ hour, but it was well worth it. Roman-style pizza: meaning a thin, crispy crust, with simple and high quality toppings. We had the pizza blanca with salmon and mozza; the margherita with rocket, and the spicy pepperoni. 3 pizzas, 2 people, & 1 excited server. Well priced & well worth the wait. (Dinner service only)

1. La Montecarlo in Camp di’Fioro

The grand finale. While the restaurant is nothin’ fancy, the pizza and the service make this experience first class. Roman-style and perfectly cooked. We had the four cheese (1/4 blue cheese, mozza, parm, gorgonzola), the funghi pizza with onions and sausage, and a pizza blanca with zucchini flowers on top. Maybe it was the energy from the carbohydrates, or maybe it was just the authenticity of the pizzeria, but our last stop on our impromptu pizza-crawl had us singing prego prego pregooo.

Note: The following pizzerias were tried but did not make it to our top recommended list. Here's a little something about them.
- Alice Pizza: Pizza, flat-bread-style, by the slice (weighed) in the Testaccio neighbourhood. This missed one of the top recommended spots only by a hair. The 'za had a crispy but soft crust and so many creative topping options available to choose from in the display case it was difficult not to try one of each.
- Pizzeria Da Remo: Another joint in the Testaccio neighbourhood. The pizzas were Roman-style, loaded with cheese. In our opinions, too much cheese which made the crust soggy. This one was consistently highly recommended in our research, and we conclude that it gets more credit than deserved.
- Pizzeria Luzzi: A cheap option in Monti, but the pizza crust is on the thick side for our liking. Like all pizza, even when it's bad, it's still pretty good!