Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Not so far from the all-inclusive style resorts found at neighbouring islands in the West Indies, the archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines remains an unspoiled destination for travellers. Known as the last Caribbean country to generally represent what the region was like before its influx of resorts, SVG is summed up as: beautiful and rustic. Getting there is inconvenient but well worth it for the white-sanded beach islands of the Tobago Cays, the authenticity of Union Island, and the impossibly perfect Palm, Mayreau, and Bequia island chain. Set yourself up in a rustic cottage on Union Island and prepare to explore your own private paradise.

To Do List: 

From Union Island:

  • Happy Hour on Happy Island.
  • Hike to Bloody Bay.
  • Spend a day at the Chatham Bay Beach Resort.
  • Catch the sun rising at Fort Hill.
  • Island hop on the Ocean Panic. Explore the Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Petit Tobac, and other surrounding islands.
  • Day trip to the exclusive Palm Island and spend time on the public beach.
  • Kite Surf with JT Pro Centre in Clifton Bay, Union Island
  • Enjoy Marie's pizza followed by drinks at Twilight Eclipse. If you're really keen end the night at the local late night bar, appropriately named: Stress.

More Photos

  • Hanging out with the Locals
  • Chatham Bay
  • Conch Capital
  • Fort Hill Sunrise Hike