Batad Village, Philippines

A UNESCO world heritage site, and the alleged 8th wonder of the world, the Batad rice terraces form an impressive amphitheatre within the high mountain province of the Philippines. A day trip from Banaue, or an overnight excursion, the terraces are not to be missed on a trip to the Philippines.

To Do List: 
  • Hike. Prepare for lots of walking and climbing along mountainous terrain and rice terraces.
  • See the rice terraces from the Viewpoint.
  • Splash in the Tappiyah waterfalls.
Don't forget
  • Ask your tricycle or jeepney driver to drop you off at the Batad Saddle (and not the Junction, as it's a longer walk!)
  • Bring lots of water down to the Batad village (They charge double the price once you're down there)
  • It's a physically demanding trek, especially in the heat. Go slow and steady and plan for a full day excursion.

More Photos

  • From the Viewpoint
  • Descending to the Terraces
  • Working in the rice fields
  • Amphitheatre View
  • From Where I Stand
  • Rice Terraces
  • Centre Terrace View
  • Rice Terrace Ampitheatre
  • Welcome to Batad
  • Terrace Steps