With its close proximity to Canada and the US eastern seaboard, Bermuda serves as a year-round tourist hub for those looking to escape colder climates, usually on a short, direct flight. Being a developed country, coupled with the high cost of importing goods, prices in Bermuda are high. Despite it's exclusive vibe, the pink sand beaches that dot the coastline are well worth justifying the splurge. 

To Do List: 
  • Beach day at Horseshoe Bay, locally reknown as being the most photographed beach in the world.
  • Explore the Crystal Caves. 
  • Have a swizzle, a Bermudan rum punch, at the Swizzle Inn. 
  • Nightlife on the main drag in Hamilton.
  • Golf! 
  • Hop on a booze cruise and explore Bermuda from the water.
  • Go in August for the popular Cup Match, a cricket tournament. 

More Photos

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