Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah USA

Bryce Canyon, known for its many ampitheatres of spires, is one of the Mighty Five National Parks in Utah. It's beautiful, and so very well travelled by fellow hikers and nature-lovers. Check out the popular Queen's Garden and Navajo Loop Trails for sure, but when you want to veer away from the crowds, the Rim Trail and Fairyland Loop are your best bets. 

To Do List: 
  • Drive to Rainbow Point and work your way back to Bryce City, stopping at up to 13 viewpoints along the way. Notable points: Rainbow Point & Natural Bridge. 
  • Hike the "figure 8" trail which is made up of the Queens Garden Trail and the Navajo Loop Trail. The trailhead is at Sunrise Point. (2-3 hours; easy/moderate)
  • Hike from Sunrise Point along the Rim Trail to Fairyland Point. From here, continue onward along the Fairyland Loop Trail which ends at Sunrise Point. (3-4 hours; moderate)

More Photos

  • Fairyland
  • Plateau Pit-Stop
  • Big Spire
  • Hoodoo Hiking
  • Valley of Hoodoos
  • Fairyland Point
  • Wall of Spires
  • Navajo Loop Trail
  • Wall Street
  • Queens Garden Trail
  • Sunrise Point
  • Natural Bridge
  • Rainbow Point