Dublin, Ireland

If you feel as though you're being tricked into a good laugh and you look to the sky and see there is just enough blue to make a sailors jacket, you're likely in Ireland. Walking through the cobbled streets of Dublin, aweing at the endless green pastures on the outskirts of the city, or stopping in for a sneaky beer at the local pub is grand fun, but it's the people of Ireland that make your visit worthwhile. Having the pleasure of experiencing Dublin and the surrounding area with the guidance of local family members, we return from Ireland with a new repertoire of adages and jokes and a new appreciation of our family lineage. 

To Do List: 
  • Walk/jog the pathway along the coast by the Skerries. 
  • Howth harbour on the outskirts of Dublin to check out the market and shops as well as have a drink at The Bloody Stream. 
  • In Dublin; walk around Temple bar, Henry Street, Grafton Street, and along the river Liffy to include yourself in the buzzing street scene. 
  • For coffee: try 3FE or Fumbally. 
  • Enjoy a Jameson Whiskey at the distillery. 
  • Enjoy a Guinness beer at the brewery (there's an observatory, too). Also- it's best tasted straight out of the barrel (or tap). 
  • The Brazen Head- the oldest pub in Dublin. 


More Photos

  • Howth Head Lookoff
  • Loughshinny Beach
  • 3FE Coffee Stop
  • The Temple Bar
  • Temple Bar District
  • The Big Spike