El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Best explored by way of boating island-to-island in and around Bacuit Bay, El Nido is a unique paradise of white sanded beaches, hidden lagoons, and awe-inspiring limestone cliffs.

To Do List: 
  • Sign up for Tours A, B, C, and/or D, offered at shops in town. These tours are full days, including a beach buffet lunch, and are the best way to explore the surrounding islands and beaches. Tip: Head to The Alternative for your tour. Top notch service and lunches!
  • Hike the Taraw cliff (with a guide) to reach the best vantage point for Bacuit Bay. 
  • Go diving! Some of the best diving spots in the world with amazing visibility and marine life. 
  • Day trip to nearby Nacpan Beach. Off the beaten trail, the long beach is away from any crowds you may find in the area. 
  • Rent a kayak or stand up paddle board and explore the El Nido harbour and surrounding area on your own.

More Photos

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  • El Nido