Joshua Tree National Park, California USA

Possibly the quirkiest, eeriest and weirdest national park in the USA. The Joshua Tree National Park is a must visit if you're looking for beautiful hiking and thought-provoking scenery.

To Do List: 

Recommended Hikes:

  1. Ryan Mountain1-1.5 hour(s) hike with a steep grade. At the top, you'll be rewarded with panoramics of the whole park. Aim for sunset. 
  2. Boyscout Trail to Willow Hole: 2-2.5 hours of flat hiking through the Wonderland of Rocks. It ends up being about 7.2 miles/ 11.5 km's as an out-and-back. I was the only one on the trail. I saw lots of geckos and a black tail jack rabbit which I mistook for a small mule (it was large!).

Points of Interest:

  1. Just pull over at any point in time and ask yourself questions. Start here: Where did these piles of rocks come from? Why are all of the trees crooked? Am I only 2 hours from Los Angeles / still on Earth? 
  2. Cholla Cactus Gardens: 1/4 mile stroll through hundreds of Cholla cacti. These photograph amazingly, it's almost as though they are constantly glowing. 
  3. Skull Rock: A quick pull-over from the road. It's exactly what it's named, a rock in skull formation which adds to the park's eerie vibe.

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