Martinsdale, Montana USA

Driving through the vast, flat (and beautiful) state of Montana? Break it up with an overnight stay in Martinsdale, Montana. We stayed in this remote cabin booked through AirBNB. It was such a gem. It had no electricity, cell service or people in sight. Just cattle, amazing sunsets, and the rolling hills of Sawmill Canyon. 

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More Photos

  • The Locals
  • Cow-girl
  • Follow the leader
  • Free range
  • Traffic Jam
  • Person-walks
  • The Cabin
  • Sunset Hike
  • Rolling Hills
  • Nature Calls
  • The Porch
  • Ours for the night
  • Fenced in at sunset
  • Our cabin at sunset
  • Capitalizing on the amazing light
  • Sunset Hiking
  • Sawmill Canyon
  • Outhouse at Sunset