Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

At a height of nearly 4,000 metres at its summit, Mount Rinjani towers over Northern Lombok with a vengeance. The trek of Mt. Rinjani and its crater lake is certainly no easy feat, but the lush meadows and foliage surrounding the mountain make for a picturesque hike, almost creating an adequate distraction from your sore body.

To Do List: 

Choose from one of the many well established trekking companies in the base town of Senaru (we highly recommend Green Rinjani Trekking). They will provide everything needed for the overnight trek: Porters to carry your equipment and make your delicious, and much needed, food; a trekking guide to show you the way and cheer you on when your legs are wobbly; and all equipment for sleeping on the mountain. There are different options for the kind of trek you could complete. Some involve hiking to the crater rim to see the amazing views of the crater lake, others involve multiple nights and the trek to the summit.

We completed a 3 Day 2 Night program [ Sembalun-> Sembalun Crater Rim (camping) -> Summit -> Crater Lake -> Senaru Crater Rim (camping) -> Senaru]. It was very difficult and fast paced; hiking and climbing nearly 25/72 hours. If you expect to work and challenge your body to its limits then it's a very rewarding and beautiful experience.

More Photos

  • Senaru Crater Rim View: Crater Lake
  • Rinjani Shadow
  • Summit Sunrise: 3,800 Metres
  • Sembalun Sunset
  • Camping on the Crater Rim
  • Buloh & Bintangs- Happy Birthday Chris!
  • Sembalun Crater Rim
  • Full Moon
  • 1,000 M to Summit: Sembalun Crater Rim
  • Hiking into the clouds