Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

A fascinating city rebuilding and progressing socially and economically (and not so much politically) from the Bosnian war of the 90’s. As there are some seemingly desolate buildings still peppered with bullet holes next to new shopping centres built by foreign investors, the dichotomy between past and present is obvious. Overall, Sarajevo is a beautiful city buzzing with friendly people open to sharing their tumultuous history.  

To Do List: 
  • Stay at the Franz Ferdinand hostel, perfectly located in the midst of the city and equipped with free walking tours of the city, as well as longer tours you can pay for, including the “Sarajevo Under Siege” tour, which we took and recommend.
  • Sarajevo Under Siege” 4-hour tour which takes you to: The Tunnel of Life, the former Olympic bobsled track,  an impressive viewpoint overlooking Sarajevo, and the Jewish Cemetery.
  •  Pivnica HS Restaurant and brewery museum. Fascinating history: It was the main water supply during the Siege of Sarajevo and has operated under the vastly differing government regimes over the past century+.
  • Watch the sunset over Sarajevo from the Yellow Fortress. (or the nearby White Fortress!)
  • Eat traditional Bosnian cevapi from Cevabzinica Zeljo (Centar).
  • Avlija restaurant for a (delicious) traditional Bosnian meal - fairly priced, within a unique setting.
  • Drink Bosnian coffee at Miris Dunja in Sarajevo Centar.
  • Keep your eye out for the "Sarajevo roses" around the city. The divots in the concrete caused by shelling during the war have been filled with red resin as a symbol of memorial for those who died from the explosion.
  • Ride the old train system from Sarajevo to Mostar on your way out of the country for beautiful views of the lush Bosnian mountains and the deep turquoise river Neretva. The ride ends in Mostar where you can walk a short distance to catch a glimpse of the fairy-tale-like old town bridge. 


More Photos

  • Mostar's Old Bridge
  • Train to Sarajevo
  • Jewish Cemetary
  • Former Olympic Bobsled Track
  • Home of the '84 Olympics
  • Landmines from the Bosnian War
  • Danger
  • Essential & Secret Tunnel Used during the Siege
  • Tunnel of Life
  • A Sarajevo Rose
  • Sunset Silhouettes
  • Yellow Fortress Viewpoint
  • Srebrenica Genocide- Never Forget
  • Restoran Avlija
  • Old Town Sarajevo
  • Latin Bridge: Site of the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
  • WWII Memorial- The Eternal Flame
  • Mosque along the river
  • Bosnian Coffee at Miris Dunja
  • Sarajevo Brewery Museum
  • Franz Ferdinand Hostel Room
  • From Where I Stand