The Yacht Week, Croatia

When it comes to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, one of the best ways to explore this area in-depth is on a week long, island hopping sailboat trip. If you're a lover of the sea, the sun, and socializing (read: partying every night), the Yacht Week will deliver one of the most memorable weeks of your travels. From the port city of Split the week will take you on the South Route down to the island of Vis, Palmižana, Hvar, and the more remote bay of Šolta. A trip that can be done on a budget of 1000 CAD, this is one week that is worth every penny.

To Do List: 
  • Explore the beautiful walled part of the city in Split, Croatia.
  • Take a day trip to the Blue Caves, from the Island of Vis.
  • Party in a refurbished castle on the island of Vis.
  • Eat lunch in a tree fort on Palmižana island.
  • Have a day time pre-party on the docks on Palmižana island.
  • Take a daytime hike around Palmižana island and stumble upon untouched azure coloured sea.
  • Rent jet skis in Hvar.
  • Carpe Diem! Party at the land extension of Carpe Diem during the early evening before heading to Carpe Diem island for the late night party.
  • Watch the sunset at Hula Hula bar in Hvar.
  • Get dressed up in your patriotic gear or costumes for end of the week regatta.
  • Cliff jump in Split.
  • Soak up your final (for the season!) Yacht Week moments at Vanilla club in Split, Croatia.

More Photos

  • Cliff Jumping in Split
  • The Blue Cave
  • Can We Get Much Higher
  • The Bay of Šolta
  • Palmizana Island Marina
  • The Yacht Week