Toronto, Canada

The 4th largest city in North America and the most multicultural in the world, Toronto, Canada brings both the flavour and the intensity. This city, dubbed "the city of neighbourhoods" is an ethnic melting pot that hosts a diverse population and, most importantly, authentic foods from around the world. The best advice for visiting Toronto is: bring your appetite and your walking shoes; following your stomachs through Little Italy to Greektown and beyond is what authentic Toronto is all about.

Want the full scoop to the best of Toronto? Browse the city's own to-do guide, BlogTO, for the complete lists of what Toronto has to offer at any time of the year.

To Do List: 
  • Eat. You must try:
    • 416 Snack Bar: For locally sourced tapas-style dishes with an intimate and fun atmosphere.
    • Home of the Brave: Semi-gourmet American pieces of art. Just go to @theHOTB on Instagram for the answers to all of your questions.
    • La Carnita: Taco bar with street corn and key lime paletas that will blow your mind.
    • Starving Artist: Brunch. The Starving Artist is a waffle-based breakfast spot. Two words: Bacon Waffles.
    • Astoria: This is your Greektown staple.
    • The Burger's Priest: Best burger joint. Closed on Sundays for church.
    • Fresh: For your vegetarian and vegan fixes.
    • Bobbette and Belle: Drool-worthy cupcakes and treats. You just can't go wrong here.
  • Nightlife. Some Faves:
    • Wide Open: For the cheapest drinks and dirties washrooms in the city.
    • Grace O'Malley's: If you can't make it to the East Coast of Canada, you can at least have a small taste of it here. Kitchen party.
    • The Madison: 5 floors of pubs and university students unwinding every day of the week.
    • The Boat: Kensington Market's dance party machine.
  • CN Tower: Look at it, climb it, be in awe of it. Whatever you like.
  • Parks and Rec: Trinity Bellwoods, High Park, Brickworks Evergreen, to name a few.
  • Blue Jays MLB Baseball: Check out our baseball pride and joy at the (arguably more) impressive Skydome.
  • Raptors NBA Basketball: High quality basketball hosted at the Air Canada Center.
  • Toronto Football Club TFC: Football in the city. Rowdy fun in the sun! 
  • Toronto Island: Take the ferry to Toronto Island's beaches. Swimmable and quite beautiful in the summer. Catch a great view of the Toronto skyline from the boat.
  • Kensington Market: Eclectic shops and food vendors in Toronto's hippest part of town.
  • St. Lawrence Food Market: Dubbed National Geographic's # 1 food market in the world. Maybe our multiculturalism has something to do with it.

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