Banaue, Philippines

Centrally located within the world's most expansive- and spectacular- rice terraces, Banaue is the perfect town to use as a hub to hike, explore, and be in awe of the Ifugao region. Usually a sleepy town, Banaue sometimes comes alive with festivals and cultural performances, celebrating the surrounding villages' histories and the evolution of the Ifugao culture.

To Do List: 
  • Take a day (or overnight!) trip to the Batad rice fields. Arguably the most beautiful section of terraces in the region.
  • A half-day-trip to Hapao rice terraces, which hosts a pool of hot springs.
  • Visit the Ethnic Village and learn about the evolution of the traditional Ifugao home. You may also opt to stay overnight.
  • Trek through the Banaue rice terraces from the viewpoint to the town proper (guide is recommended!)
  • Observe traditional dance performances which take place near the Banaue Public Market (8-9pm, nightly)

More Photos

  • Early Morning Trek
  • Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Jeepney
  • Imbayah Festival Parade
  • Village Elder
  • Main Terrace
  • Old Philippines Meets New
  • Viewpoint Dancers
  • Bones
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